New Zealand Flight School Announces Aircraft Order Signaling Return to Growth

13th Jun 2022

“The New Zealand Airline Academy (NZAAL) has not only been talking about safety but has been consistently investing in it. Our motto is ‘DO IT RIGHT’ and our simple philosophy is that ‘whilst we teach our students all the skills they need to a high standard, no student should ever pay with their life if they ever make a mistake’. To this effect, we have been constantly investing in state-of-the-art technology across our fleet to mitigate the inherent risks associated with flight training.

We are now pleased to announce that, in line with our growth plans, we have ordered 2 Tecnam P-Mentor aeroplanes. These training aircraft will be equipped with a ballistic parachute (BRS) so that the aeroplane can float to safety in case of an engine failure or other emergency. They will also be greener than any currently viable flight training aircraft, with upto 60% lower fuel consumption. The added bonus is that they will be equipped with a three axis auto-pilot and have full PBN IFR approval.

This is another step in our commitment to safety and reinforces our position of being the safest, greenest and most technologically advanced flying school in New Zealand.”

Source – NZAAL

For more information kindly contact NZAAL.

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