Philippine Air Force trains at CAE Brunei MPTC

The Philippine Air Force conducted its first batch of Sikorsky S-70i Helicopter Pilot Training at CAE Brunei Multipurpose Training Center (MPTC). Since the 2018 Singapore Airshow CAE has been looking to expand third-party use of its MPTC.

The CAE Brunei Multi-Purpose Training Centre situated in Brunei Darussalam is a joint venture between CAE and the Government of Brunei. The centre has been operational since 2014 and is now recognized as a world-class training facility, staffed and operated by Bruneians.  It is one of the region’s largest helicopter simulator training facilities offering turnkey training solutions for the Lockheed Martin/Sikorsky S-92 and S-70i Black Hawk helicopters.

For more information, kindly contact CAE Brunei Multi-Purpose Training Centre (MPTC).

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