Pilot Training Group, Skyborne, Announces New US Airline Partner

07th Sep 2022

Avelo Airlines and Skyborne are implementing a Preferred Hiring Pathway, to provide opportunities for pilots and mechanics training at Skyborne to embark on a career with Avelo.

The partnership follows the formal signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and affirms the high quality of Skyborne’s flight instruction and overall training process, often referred to as “The Skyborne Way”. It also recognizes the outstanding talent and experience of Skyborne’s instructors, trainees and graduates.

Captain Ed Davidson, Managing Director, Skyborne, says: “Skyborne and Avelo Airlines are both leaders in aviation and are committed to training and producing the very best pilots in the industry. This is especially important at a time when demand for highly skilled and qualified airline pilots has never been greater.

“Crucially, this new partnership delivers a Preferred Hiring Pathway that increases opportunities for more young people to realise their dreams of becoming a professional pilot and taking up a coveted position on an Avelo flightdeck.”

Andrew Levy, Chairman and CEO, Avelo Airlines, says: “We are very pleased to be working with Skyborne Airline Academy, which is recognized as being in the top three flight schools in the United States. To continue to achieve Avelo’s mission of inspiring travel and making air travel easy and affordable, we need the very best pilots. By partnering with Skyborne to implement a new Preferred Hiring Pathway, we can be confident that the highest standards of training will be put into professional practice on our flightdecks.”

The Avelo and Skyborne Preferred Hiring Pathway is designed to support the selection and training of potential new-hire, high-caliber pilots, and mechanics, to assist with subsequent recruitment to the Avelo workforce. The Pathway also provides outstanding career opportunities for selected trainees, each of whom will be required to demonstrate the skills, knowledge, professional and personal qualifications to become a member of the Avelo team.

Davidson, adds: “The “Skyborne Way” explores innovative approaches to flight training and is setting new standards and levels of expectation. It is this dedication to quality in every aspect of our operations that esteemed partners such as Avelo look for before committing to a formal pathway. Ultimately, our new partnership confirms that a career in aviation continues to be not only a popular choice, but the right choice for many. I would encourage talented and interested candidates to begin their career in aviation today, with Skyborne.”

Source: Skyborne Press Release

Photo Credit: Avelo Airlines

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