Pilot Training VR Developer Joins Accelerator Program

04th May 2022

Visionary Training Resources Inc. (VTR) is pleased to announce that it has joined the Qualcomm® XR Enterprise Program (XEP). Joining the program allows VTR to accelerate development of advanced, mobile XR applications for airline pilot training.

“The key to developing these capabilities on an enterprise scale is collaboration.” says Captain Rick Parker, VTR CTO. “As we continue to add new AR and VR capabilities to our training solutions, we need to partner with other leading mobile XR contributors. The Qualcomm XR Enterprise Program gives VTR unique access to the innovative companies that are driving the advancements in XR which is needed to deliver technically demanding mobile airline pilot training solutions.”

The Snapdragon® XR Platform capabilities have evolved at a critical time in the global airline market. Airlines around the world are still using traditional training methods and as a result are struggling to keep up with demand. Mobile XR such as VTR’s FlightDeckToGo promises to dramatically increase the efficiency of airline pilot task training.

“VTR XR training solutions are delivered using Snapdragon XR platform technology. Without these new technologies, VTR would be unable to deliver our industry leading mobile training solutions. As part of Qualcomm Technologies’ XEP, we are very excited to collaborate with other member companies to explore new ways of leveraging these cutting-edge technologies.” States Captain Evey Cormican, Co-Founder and CEO of VTR.

About VTR
VTR designs mobile training platforms which allow pilots to learn tasks and procedures in an immersive virtual flight deck. Using VTR’s FlightDeckToGo pilots not only learn faster but retain knowledge longer when compared to traditional training methods. The VTR platform is built by pilots for pilots and allows training from anywhere. VTR currently works with 2 Qualcomm XR Enterprise partners, Pico interactive and Tobii eye tracking, using the Pico Neo 3 Pro Eye VR headset.

Source: VTR Press Release

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