Portugal Flight School releases 2021 Review and announces opening of new base

19th Jan 2022

Portugal Flight School SevenAir has released its 2021 review;

“Sevenair Academy comes to review the activity of the past year, as usual. 2021 was still a year full of challenges, impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic and the restrictions imposed by the government and ANAC (Portuguese aviation authority). 

Nevertheless, thanks to the efforts of all the teams, we maintained numbers similar to 2020, offsetting some declines with the growth of other areas and with the launch of new courses, such as the PBN and UPRT, in the last quarter. 

We maintained the leadership in movements at Cascais airport (LPCS), our main operational base representing 33% of movements, according to official data. 

It is the 3rd consecutive year of clear leadership, being the largest operator of the airport, with 17,305 movements carried out. 

For 2022, we intend to reverse the impacts caused by the pandemic and its restrictions, having started the year with the inauguration of new facilities at Ponte de Sor aerodrome (LPSO), where AMT training is intended to be developed and the opening of a flight instruction base at Bragança aerodrome (LPBG), where we placed 2 aircraft and where the first group of students is already flying.”

Key Metrics (2020/2021) – Percentage change

  • ATPL enrolments (87/78) -10%
  • AMT enrolments (110/79) -28%
  • Flight Instructor (42/33) -21%
  • Renewal/Revalidation (67/85) 26%
  • Recurrent Training (1,517/2,002) 32%
  • Simulator Hours (1,753/2,175) 24%
  • Flight Hours (12,412/11,986) -3%
  • ATPL Graduates (17/44) 158%
  • AMT Graduates (34/46) 35%

Source: Sevenair Academy Press Release

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