Presentation by VTR team at AWE – ‘Building Disruptive Pilot Training with XR and Eye Tracking: VTR Case of Empowering Major Airlines’

02nd Jul 2022

Rick Parker from Visionary Training Resources (VTR), a developer of VR Pilot Training solutions, spoke at AWE USA 2022 in the Collaboration, Training & Education segment. The full 20 minute presentation can be viewed below.

“Using VR in training and simulation is now more than a stopgap during the pandemic or a fad in the hype of the metaverse. Visionary Training Resources (VTR) and Tobii will share their experience of how VR and eye-tracking technologies convince major airlines to adopt this efficient and cost-effective pilot training approach. With Tobii eye tracking and scalable equipment of VR headsets, training and simulation are empowered by data insights for validation and evaluation. This will meet the needs of more strict and critical training and lead to a truly informed and adaptive approach. Other industries can also learn from this case and get their first movers’ advantage.”

About VTR

VTR provides airlines and pilots with modern tools that improve efficiency and success in learning. Our virtual reality platform, FlightDeckToGoTM, provides pilots with an immersive, completely portable, virtual flight deck. Pilots learn faster and retain more knowledge than with traditional training methods.

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