Simulator Manufacturer Shares 2021 Project Highlights

Flightdeck Solutions traces back major milestones for 2021 – see the Simulator Manufacturer Project highlights below:

FDS-B787-FTD Level 4 Certification from KOCA

Operated by South Korea’s Air Premia, the FDS-B787-FTD device received Level 4 Certification from the Korea Office of Civil Aviation (KOCA), making it one of the few certified B787 devices on the market obtainable without exhaustive budget requirements. For more information, see press release here.

Hardware Development

The engineering and production teams at Flightdeck Solutions had a fast paced year in 2021, developing multiple new aircraft types for various commercial projects.  Highlighted here are the F/A-18-FTD, as well as an RJ85-FTD and TC-690-FTD.

Four FDS-F/A-18devices were custom made for a new department at Canada’s International Test Pilots School (ITPS).

The RJ85 and TC-690 cockpits were developed for a company requiring trainer replicas of their physical aircraft fleet to help company pilots practice drills and hone skills unique to their industry.

Academic Devices

FDS-B787 device installation at Trident Technical College, Charleston, SC (USA). This device joins a previously acquired FDS-B737MAX and is integrated into multiple programs offered at the school.

Another MAX joined the Western Michigan University College Of Aviation campus in Kalamazoo, Michigan (USA). The FDS-B737MAX is being prepped for deployment in September 2022 for the school’s quickly expanding aviation program.

Two FDS devices also joined a private North American flight school, helping modernize the organization’s course offerings.  The FDS-B737MAX device and FDS-B787 device have enabled a curriculum expansion and allow students immersive training in transport-category aircraft environments.

Source: Flightdeck Solutions Press Release

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