SpiceJet’s Boeing Pilots are vexed due to the limited usage of the Airline’s simulators

03rd Aug 2021

An article from the Hindustan Times on the 3rd of August reports that for the past four months, SpiceJet’s simulators are limited for usage. This resulted in many Boeing pilots not being able to perform their proficiency checks which consequently makes them unable to fly. It is said that around 150 pilots will be affected.

The airline has addressed the issue through an email to pilots reassuring them that they are fully aware of the situation. The statement is quoted as follows: “As most of you will be aware that our simulator availability has been somewhat limited for the past four months. This has resulted in several of you having lost your PPC currency. We want to assure you that this situation is temporary and could persist for some more time. In the process we are also fully aware and sensitive to the matter that those pilots with PPC expired are not being paid any compensation under the prevailing salary payment scheme.”

Nevertheless, the airline’s spokesperson assured the pilots saying “The proficiency checks of some Boeing 737 Pilots have been delayed. All Boeing 737 Pilots will undergo their ‘recurrent training and proficiency checks’ as required by regulations as the quantum of flying increases over the coming weeks.”

Source: Hindustan Times

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