Swiss Flight School Transitions to Flight Training Management Software FlightLogger

14th Feb 2023

Horizon Swiss Flight Academy is a well-established and prestigious flight school that has been in operation since June 1979. Located in the heart of Europe, the company has a long track record of success, and is known for its high-quality flight training programs. They have been partnering and preparing future pilots for Helvetic Airways, EasyJet Switzerland, Chair Airlines and other operators in Switzerland. The company has grown to become one of the leading flight schools in the region, but despite its success, Horizon Swiss Flight Academy faced several challenges when it came to managing its flight and training operations.

Challenge 1: High maintenance costs of in-house built software system

For many years, Horizon Swiss Flight Academy had been using a custom-built software system for flight and training management.

However, as the complexity of the training requirements grew in terms of business processes as well as regulatory, the cost of upgrading and maintaining the in-house software increased substantially. Without the required upgrades the in-house system was no longer able to efficiently meet the challenges.

Challenge 2: The perfect solution, evaluating different alternatives

During the decision-making process, Horizon Swiss Flight Academy evaluated multiple options:

  • Upgrading their own system
  • Choosing between FlightLogger and other flight management software systems

Ultimately the company chose FlightLogger due to its comprehensiveness, support, and client care, including 24/7 access to the help center with 100+ articles and more than 45 videos, refresher training webinars, and follow-up meetings after 3 and 12 months. Additionally, the size of FlightLogger’s user base, with over 165 clients from 48 different countries and over 70,000 users, was a major factor in the decision, as it demonstrated the software’s reliability and effectiveness.

Horizon Swiss Flight Academy also appreciated the high level of security and GDPR measures provided by FlightLogger, as the solution is hosted on ISO 27001-certified Amazon Web Services (AWS) with fully redundant backup within the EU.

Furthermore, the continuous platform updates with improvements and new relevant features was another factor for Horizon Swiss Flight Academy to choose FlightLogger, as it demonstrated how FlightLogger keeps its clients ahead of their competitors at all times.

Challenge 3: Approval process

After a thorough analysis of the possible variations and options by Horizon Swiss Flight Academy, the entire Horizon team supported the decision to go with FlightLogger.

A solid business case was presented to the board of directors before the switch to FlightLogger was decided.


With the implementation of FlightLogger, Horizon Swiss Flight Academy has seen significant improvements in the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of its flight and training operations. FlightLogger has made it easier for the company to manage its flight training programs, leading to better student preparation overall.


The process of onboarding was very smooth as FlightLogger’s team facilitated the transition and the software was successfully implemented meeting all expectations. FlightLogger has made it possible for Horizon Swiss Flight Academy to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of its flight and training operations, while providing a better service to its students.

The FlightLogger software has made it possible for Horizon Swiss Flight Academy to continue providing high-quality flight training and meet its growing business’ needs.

Source: FlightLogger Press Release

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