Two Aviation Technology Companies Team Up to Produce the Advanced Mixed Reality Apache Trainer

22nd Nov 2022

Vrgineers and DigiFlight have teamed to produce a modern and comprehensive training solution for the most survivable multi-role attack helicopter in the world.  With over 1200 aircraft currently in service the Advanced Mixed Reality Apache Trainer (AMRAT) will accelerate training pilots with high fidelity MR solutions and therefore significantly reduce the number of aircraft hours normally required to support training individual and crew tasks.

The AMRAT is built on a proprietary portable platform designed by Vrgineers, which was originally created for the USAF.  It provides the most affordable, immersive, and realistic experience offered on the market today without expensive visual display systems, complicated support systems or unique facility design requirements. The trainer includes two separate but interconnected crewstations, (the pilot and co-pilot gunner station), with replicated switches, panels, flight instruments, and displays connected to a computer and integrated virtual reality image generator. Currently it is supported by a leading vendor of immersive, flight simulator software, ED Mission Systems.

This novel product is the resultant cooperation between Vrgineers, (an innovative manufacturer of flight training simulators), and DigiFlight, a technology company with extensive world-wide pilot training experience. We strongly feel that by combining our skills, we are able to deliver a training device capable of supporting Apache training tasks including individual and crew skills, preparing them to operate in any environment, fulfilling critical mission requirements,” explains Marek Polcak, CEO of Vrgineers.

The Future of Possible

“The possibility to conduct a seamless mixed reality environment with a portable haptic flight seat run by a true to life simulation engine, ensures the pilots proficiency, but most importantly delivers the sensation of a unique and genuine experience encompassing complex operational scenarios. This enables our users to save time and effort along with minimizing the cost of training infrastructure and related running hours,” says Matthias Techmanski, ED Mission Systems Director and Marek Polcak, Vrgineers CEO, adds: “Similar type of modern trainer is expected to play a crucial role of pilot training in the future. Not only for Apache, but for Defiant (LMCO & Boeing) and Valor (Bell) which are currently being developed and competing in future vertical lift program in the U.S.”

Vrgineers and DigiFlight will jointly present a conceptional MR Apache Trainer, at I/ITSEC in Orlando, Florida from November 28th – December 2nd.

About Vrgineers

Vrgineers, Inc. is a leader in delivering next-generation virtual and mixed reality pilot training systems (Synthetic Training Environment, STE) to professional and military clients. Vrgineers’ pilot training solution includes portable trainers ready to be packed and taken on missions; reconfigurable classroom simulators that support almost all platforms, from the T6 Texan to the F35; and custom 1:1 simulators that are built specifically for any type of helicopter, jet-fighter, or airliner, and include a fully-functional cockpit replica. All simulators employ the virtual and mixed reality XTAL™ headset with the highest fidelity, resolution, and widest field of view available. The latest XTAL™ 3 won the prestigious Red Dot Product Design Award in 2020. Vrgineers actively improves the training experience for clients like the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, the Royal Air Force, Lockheed Martin, Gulfstream, BAE Systems, NASA, and other technological pioneers. Recognized as a technological leader, Vrgineers was selected by the Small Business Innovative Research program within the U.S. Naval Air Systems Command to develop a next-generation mixed reality pilot training solution, and by the U.S. Air Force to deliver multi-purpose reconfigurable simulators. Aside from the aerospace industry, Vrgineers’ technologies are being used to design revolutionary products and remotely control heavy machinery. The company delivered virtual reality solutions for brands such as Audi, Skoda, Lamborghini, McLaren, RedBull, and Westfield.

About DigiFlight, INC. 

DigiFlight accelerates mission success for its government and commercial customers by leveraging innovative ideas and technologies that embrace the competitive landscape surrounding Aerospace, Cybersecurity, Information Technology, and Training. Their unique core competencies enable us to deliver leadership and innovation for programs focused on Aerospace Technical & Acquisition Solutions, Compliant Architectures, Cybersecurity Hunt & Incident Response, Systems & Software Development, Systems Engineering & Technical Assistance, and Test & Evaluation. Their Vision is to Become one of the premier U.S. based companies known for success in leadership and innovation for programs and projects focused on Cyber, Aerospace, and Information Technology, globally; reliable solutions featuring creation and development, using advanced technologies skillfully demonstrating, best business value and practices, resource conservation, environmental safeguards and nationwide security. Their Culture embraces integrity, innovative solutions, and always putting the customer first. Over the past decade, we have focused on building trusted reputations with our clients and partners to accelerate mission success. Established in 1999, DigiFlight is a Veteran-owned Minority Small Business with offices in Columbia, MD and Huntsville, AL.

Source: Vrgineers Press Release
Photo Credit: Vrgineers

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