Two European Pilot Simulator Training Systems Provider Join Forces to Deliver the Unclassified F-35-like Mixed Reality Trainer

03rd Dec 2022

With a growing fleet of 5th generation fighters, there is an urgent need to prepare pilots in a faster, more efficient manner to operate sophisticated airplanes such as the F-35 Lightning II. Vrgineers Inc. is recognized as a technological leader in professional pilot training, and for the first time presents an unclassified F-35-like Classroom 2.0 Trainer at I/ITSEC in Orlando. The simulator software consists of the high-fidelity D-SIM flight simulation framework developed by multiSIM BV in The Netherlands.

This combination resulted in a unique solution that is not part of the official F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter programme (JSF). Meaning that the trainer does not include any classified information, however, is still able to achieve the following:  

  • Basic flight & systems demo’s & training 
  • Mission simulation and rehearsal
  • Type specific hypoxia training
  • Distributed Command & Control training
  • Human Factors training
  • HOTAS rehearsal

And, thanks to its usage of the XTAL Mixed Reality technology and fully functional cockpit replica, an unbelievable level of immersion is added. Together with a very favourable price point, which is a fraction of the cost of the official FMS (Full Mission Simulator), these trainers are a great supplement, which can be obtained on top of official JSF equipment.

The Vrgineers trainers’ main advantage from the pilots’ point of view is their convenience of usage and unrestricted access. Thanks to their affordability, modern air forces can purchase whole simulation squadrons, having 12 interconnected trainers. This way airmen can set up training scenarios and start mission rehearsal anytime.

The Classroom, instead of the old-fashioned LCD-based simulators, grants the training facilities the opportunity to equip the class with more than one particular aircraft simulator. The platform can be modified to any wing or rotorcraft by swapping the central and side panels. This gives the commands a huge advantage to train their pilots and cadets faster and more efficiently or train the whole unit at the same time.

The HMD XTAL integrated in every Vrgineers Classroom Trainer empowers the pilot to take advantage of unlimited movements and views. The true to life picture, the 180-field-of-view, 4K per eye, eye tracking and the mixed reality module comply with the requirements of the next generation pilot training.

Software delivered by multiSIM brings further added value to the project since the company specializes in software development of Open-Simulation that allows the customer to access the simulator data and processes enabling fast development of simulator training solutions and easy integration into existing trainers and hardware.

The unique combination of the Vrgineers Classroom 2.0 Trainer and the multiSIM software is useful for custom training like hypoxia awareness training, distributed mission training or F-35-related research applications.

Foreign Air Forces can directly approach Lockheed Martin and ask for this unofficial solution, which can be incorporated and delivered under the official deliveries on top of the official solution. This is possible thanks to Vrgineers and Lockheed Martin cooperation and the fact that this trainer was partially co-developed under SBIR Lightweight or Modular Simulators AF203-DCSO2 topic. This also allows the Air Force to source this solution directly from Vrgineers.

“The integration of D-SIM and D-World software into Classroom 2.0 Trainer creates the best unofficial solution for super-smooth, high-fidelity F-35-like flight simulation for distributed training,” says Mark Wentink, multiSIM CEO together with Marek Polcak, Vrgineers CEO.  

About MultiSim

MultiSIM is an engineering company from the Netherlands that builds high-tech training and research simulation for customers worldwide. With a team of mainly Aerospace Engineers they develop the D-SIM and D-World simulation framework as a core for highly innovative, distributed simulation solutions.

About Vrgineers

Vrgineers, Inc. is a leader in delivering next-generation virtual and mixed reality pilot training systems (Synthetic Training Environment, STE) to professional and military clients. Vrgineers’ pilot training solution includes portable trainers ready to be packed and taken on missions; reconfigurable classroom simulators that support almost all platforms, from the T-6 Texan to the F-35; and custom 1:1 simulators that are built specifically for any type of helicopter, jet-fighter, or airliner, and include a fully-functional cockpit replica. All simulators employ the virtual and mixed reality XTAL™ headset with the highest fidelity, resolution, and widest field of view available. The latest XTAL™ 3 won the prestigious Red Dot Product Design Award in 2020. Vrgineers actively improves the training experience for clients like the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, the Royal Air Force, Lockheed Martin, Gulfstream, BAE Systems, NASA, and other technological pioneers. Recognized as a technological leader, Vrgineers was selected by the Small Business Innovative Research program within the U.S. Naval Air Systems Command to develop a next-generation mixed reality pilot training solution, and by the U.S. Air Force to deliver multi-purpose reconfigurable simulators. Aside from the aerospace industry, Vrgineers’ technologies are being used to design revolutionary products and remotely control heavy machinery. The company delivered virtual reality solutions for brands such as Audi, Skoda, Lamborghini, McLaren, RedBull, and Westfield.

Source: Vrgineers Press Release
Photo Credit: Vrgineers

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