UAE-based Pilot Simulator Training Center, Pier Seven Aviation, is Seeking Freelance/Permanent B747-400 Flight Simulator Examiner

06th Feb 2023

Pier Seven Aviation is seeking both Freelance/Permanent B747-400 Flight Simulator Examiner to join their training department in Sharjah, UAE.

Minimum Requirements:

  • EASA licence
  • Candidates must have a valid TRE/SFE rating and have delivered training on the B747-400 in the past 2 years
  • 1,500 PIC hours on the B747-400
  • 3,000 Total Flying hours
  • English ICAO level 5 or above
  • Strong interpersonal skills and a customer focused mind set
  • Excellent teaching and communication skills
  • Ability to adapt style to global client base

Key Job Functions:

  • Responsible for conducting pre and post flight simulator briefings in a thorough, professional manner and in accordance with EASA standards.
  • Conducting each simulator session in accordance with the ATO, Aircraft Manufacturer or the customers’ Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) as required.
  • Responsible for conducting classroom instruction in aircraft systems
  • Providing simulator flight instruction for the issue of licenses, type ratings and certificates.
  • Assist with courseware development in the training program to keep courses up to date, accurate and responsive to the client’s needs and requests
  • Completing the appropriate client training records accurately and comprehensively
  • Completing duties as assigned by the Training Manager

About Pier Seven Aviation

Pier Seven Aviation is an EASA approved independently owned simulator training facility based in the UAE, specializing in providing an array of training for flight deck personnel, airlines and private users. Their facility at Sharjah Airport is focused on servicing commercial airlines with both narrow and wide-body simulators. Pier Seven’s vision is to be the preferred training partner for the entire Pilot community. Well-known in ME-NA region with an enviable reputation; Pier Seven Aviation are now in an expansion mode. Their world-class facility at Sharjah (UAE) has undergone a holistic upgrade with addition of new simulators with a total of 07 bays at the facility. Their global footprint shall soon spread to the Asia Pacific region.

To learn more about the job and to apply, click here.

Photo Credit: Pier Seven Aviation (shown as meta image)

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