UK based Resilient Pilot Teams Up With Flight School, FTA Global, To Provide Virtual Resilience Development Programme

05th Feb 2023

United Kingdom based flight school, FTA Global, has selected Resilient Pilot to provide industry-leading Resilience Development Programme to 15 cadets alongside their flight training programme. The programme started in December 2022. In a new collaborative partnership established between the two organisations, the programme aims to introduce the concepts of CBTA for continuous personal and professional resilience development to enhance human performance.

Resilient Pilot was born out of the pandemic in May 2020 to support displaced pilots and cabin crew. The organisation has since evolved, gaining accreditation by The European Mentoring and Coaching Council at Gold Level for International Standards of Mentoring and Coaching Programmes. The Resilience Development Programme offers virtual evidenced-based blended mentoring, coaching and competency development through immersive scenario-based training simulation, delivered by virtual Competency Based Training Instructors and leading EBT software, Quantum. This competency-based programme brings together the experience and expertise of Resilient Pilot’s mentors, coaches, CRMTs CBTIs and TRI/Es to provide pilots with a pioneering, virtual experience that aims to enhance continuous development, self-evaluation skills, resilience and – ultimately – operational performance and safety.

Resilient Pilot’s Founder and CEO: Stuart Beech, said: “Our resilience model provides the basis for all our virtual learning and development activities with pilots expected to constantly assess where they are and identify countermeasures to develop their own Resilience. The total systems competency-based approach is designed to ensure continuous performance-based learning and development aligned to PANS TRNG Doc 9868 and ICAO’s Instructional System Design Methodology ‘The ADDIE Model’. We are delighted to be collaborating with FTA Global as the first UK based ATO’s to introduce and to empower their trainee pilots to develop confidence and professional competence = Resilience alongside their flight training as the industry gears up to introduce CBTA at all levels of the profession over the coming years.”

FTA Global offers a welcoming, friendly and supportive pilot training environment, with carefully designed courses that put the student at the heart of the training process. Courses are designed to minimise over runs, maximise student potential and employability and are continuously refined based on feedback. We offer more hours in the aeroplane and simulator than the regulated minimum and Dual Licencing is included in the course price for our Integrated and Multi Modular students, giving graduates the best employment opportunities.

Uniquely positioned on the south coast of the UK with easy access to busy, complex and European controlled airspace, the entirety of our flight and ground school instruction is delivered from our single site. Students are exposed to challenging conditions from the outset, making for better, more experienced pilots. We continually invest in our staff, facilities and fleet to ensure our students have an exceptional flight training experience and only partner with a few select and specialist aviation companies who understand and champion the highest airline pilot standards.

FTA Global’s Head of Training, Phil Jones, said: “We are delighted to work with Resilient Pilot to enhance our Competency and Resilience Training. We offer this to 15 of our integrated and modular students with the hope of rolling it out to all our students in the future. FTA Global already provides enhanced KSA training throughout our Ground School programme, continuous competency-based training on all curriculum flights, and our partners Jet Masterclass, Airline Prep and Flight Performance Training reinforce Competency Based Training in all aspects of their work with our students. The service provided by Resilient Pilot will furthermore give a ‘road map’ to students of their competency strengths and weaknesses throughout their training and provide potential employers with candidates who are self-aware, confident, competent, and resilient.”

Source: FTA Global Press Release
Photo Credit: FTA Global (shown as meta image)

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