UK Flight School, Leading Edge Aviation, Celebrates Graduation of 2023 Class Under the Iconic Wings of Concorde

19th May 2023

Leading Edge Aviation hosted its 2023 graduation ceremony on 12 May beneath the wings of the iconic Concorde at Aerospace Bristol. The event was a celebration of the hard-earned achievements of our 68 graduates, attended by over 250 family members, friends, and representatives from the aviation industry and major airlines.

Katie Broadhurst, Chief Talent Officer at Leading Edge Aviation, said: “The graduation ceremony not only marked the end of their rigorous training but also highlighted the dedication and resilience they demonstrated throughout. These qualities have been integral to their success on their journey to becoming pilots.”

At Leading Edge Aviation, they pride ourselves on delivering an unparalleled training experience. By harnessing cutting-edge technology such as virtual reality, advanced simulators, and personalised virtual learning, Leading Edge has supported their students every step of the way. Their seasoned instructors and state-of-the-art facilities have fostered an environment that encourages both learning and growth.

A highlight of the ceremony was the recognition of special award winners, honouring students who displayed remarkable achievements in their respective areas. The awards were presented on behalf of Leading Edge Aviation by Jonathan Hinkles, Chief Executive of Loganair.  Ben Glasgow-Smith was recognised with the ‘Best in Ground School’ award for his hard work, grasp of theoretical concepts and a stellar academic record. Danny Flood was conferred the ‘Best in Flight Training’ award for his remarkable practical skills, earning first-time passes in all skills tests. The ‘Graduate of the Year 2023’ award was given to Vicky Watson for her excellent results, exceptional leadership, and embodiment of the academy’s values. The ‘Exceptional Contribution to Academy life’ award was bestowed upon Paul Hodgetts, acknowledging his significant positive impact on the academy community. Leading Edge applauds these individuals for their achievements and contributions to Leading Edge Aviation.

“We’re extremely proud to see our graduates, now ready to take to the skies, having honed their skills and character during their time with us,” Broadhurst added. “We remain committed to supporting them and look forward to seeing them excel in their professional roles.”

As an innovative aviation academy, Leading Edge Aviation is committed to its mission to foster the next generation of pilots. They place a strong emphasis on technology-driven, personalised learning, and real-world experience to ensure students are well-prepared to navigate their careers amidst the rapid advancements in the aviation industry. The journey and achievements of their graduates not only stand as a testament to this commitment but also serve as an inspiration for future students. Through their stories, Leading Edge continues to motivate and shape tomorrow’s aviation professionals while continually enhancing their training programmes to align with the evolving needs of the industry.

About Leading Edge Aviation

Leading Edge Aviation is a growing pilot training academy with bases in Oxford, UK, and Alhama, Spain. Their unique approach prioritises holistic training that goes beyond technical skills. They offer top-tier regulatory technical training complemented by a professional and personal development curriculum that hones non-technical skills.

Their offerings include modular courses such as Ground School, MECPL, CBIR, MEIR, uMAP (university Modular Airline Preparation), A-UPRT (Advanced Upset Prevention Recovery Training), APC MCC (Airline Pilot Standards Multi Crew Co-operation), and LEAP (Leading Edge Airline Preparation) course. They also provide a full-time integrated course with a BSc degree and a comprehensive graduate airline selection preparation workshop.

Their students at both the London Oxford Airport and Alhama base receive wellbeing support and have access to advanced learning aids. Through virtual and mixed reality tech, and neuro training techniques, Leading Edge ensures their students not only acquire new knowledge and skills but also refine them, producing pilots who are airline ready with robust leadership skills.

Source: Leading Edge Aviation Press Release
Photo Credit: Leading Edge Aviation

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