UK Headquartered Pilot Training Group is looking for a Head of Training

08th Feb 2022

Skyborne is looking for a Head of Trainingto lead and support the highly motivated and experienced instructor team.

Skyborne’s vision is to be the most respected and trusted commercial pilot training academy in the industry, supplying airlines with the best pilots. Skyborne aims to achieve this by radically redefining every aspect of airline pilot training, from our unique educational approach, to our world-class facilities. We are fully committed to developing a dynamic, engaging and welcoming environment for the next generation of airline pilots to hone their skills.

Skyborne Opportunity

Based at Skyborne HQ in Gloucestershire, UK, you will be leading all UKCAA approved training activities which include ATPL Theoretical Knowledge, Single engine Flight Training, Mulit Engine Flight Training, UPRT and APSMCC. Supporting our Progressive Continuous Learning method which focuses on ensuring Cadets are always developing their talents and absorbing new skills from our vastly experienced instructors.

Skyborne’s UK & US have excellent facilities that have been developed to the highest standard, offering the right balance between training and self-motivated learning. We have invested in the most advanced training devices and equipment, including a fleet of PA28’s in the US and DA42 fleet in the UK, supported by state of the art simulators.

Key responsibilities and accountabilities

  • Ensuring that the Organisation remains in compliance with the applicable requirements.
  • Striving at all times to maintain the Organisation’s image and reputation as a world leading supplier of the highest quality Aviation Training.
  • Establishing safety objectives and performance standards.
  • Reviewing, at regular intervals, the suitability and effectiveness of the Training Department.
  • Implementing improvements to the Organisation’s Training Standards.
  • Chairing the Organisation’s internal Training Meetings.
  • Providing technical solutions to Airlines and commercial training requirements within the regulatory framework.
  • Assisting and representing the Accountable Manager, as requested by him/her.
  • Ensuring that the training provided, for all approved courses is in compliance with UKCAA Part-FCL, Part-ORA and the UK CAA and all associated published AMC and GM
  • Develop and maintain the training standards in Skyborne’s non-UK bases that fall under UKCAA approval
  • Ensuring the satisfactory integration of flight training in an aircraft or a flight simulation training device (FSTD) and theoretical knowledge instruction across all of Skyborne’s training facilities that involve UKCAA training
  • Supervising the progress of individual trainees.
  • Promoting, developing and maintaining the highest standards of Training delivery in accordance with current approved syllabi.
  • Instilling within trainees a professional approach to personal development and best Aviation practice.
  • Representing Skyborne Airline Academy to the Flying Training Industry and Regulatory Authorities, while fostering and maintaining strong links and effective liaison with the UK CAA.
  • Continuously reviewing the current syllabi and procedures to ensure effectiveness and applicability.
  • Developing new ground and flying training programmes through to approval.
  • The implementation of trainee performance management in accordance with syllabi Training Manuals.
  • Monitoring of Instructor standards to ensure effective delivery of approved syllabi through sample checks of training records, ground briefings, simulator and flight events across all sites.
  • Training resource management across all sites to achieve the on-time delivery of the training programme.
  • Representing Skyborne Airline Academy at relevant Forums.
  • Ensuring that arrangements are in place for the signing of certificates of training and competence for the Commercial Pilot Licence and Instrument Rating by authorised persons.
  • Issuing and maintaining the Operations Manual and the Training Manual(s) and any approved amendments to Skyborne Airline Academy’s documents and Manuals under his/her direct control.
  • Upholding and maintaining the disciplinary standard of all Staff and trainees under his/her management.
  • Upholding and maintaining the professional standards and competency of all Instructional Staff under his/her management.
  • Ensuring satisfactory performance management of instructors.
  • Promoting and maintaining Flight Safety and Health, Safety and Environmental (HS&E) best practice as it applies to the effective delivery of the training programme

Qualifications, Experience And Personal Qualities

  • Hold a current UKCAA and ideally, an EASA or FAA FI *& FE professional pilot license.
  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills, both written and verbal, to motivate and encourage staff, to deal effectively with internal and external contacts ranging from executive to administrative levels.
  • Demonstrable record of leadership in a flight training management role.
  • Extensive experience in training as an instructor for professional pilots’ license.
  • No aircraft accident or aviation violation convictions.
  • Ability to concentrate and work in a fast-paced environment.
  • Readily accepts changes and adjusts accordingly.
  • Ability to maintain strong customer orientation under adverse circumstances.
  • Ideally have previous airline pilot experience

For more information, kindly check out the Skyborne Job Post.

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