UK Pilot Training Group announces launch of new distance learning programme – VECTOR

03rd Feb 2022

Leading Edge Aviation announced the launch of their new distance learning programme – Vector. This exciting new programme will allow aspirational pilots to complete their ground school studies remotely in a way that best serves them.

Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor, Matthew Woods commented, “We are delighted to be able to expand our training expertise to support those future commercial pilots studying independently. Training for the ATPL theoretical knowledge exams is challenging so having our team of highly experienced specialist Instructors leading the way is the best route to success.”

Removing physical barriers to learning is just one of the ways the innovative flight school is working to make training more open and accessible to all. The flight school has already demonstrated a track record of success with distance learning during the initial outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 when physical ground school classes were forced to pause. Rather than stand classes down and lose continuity of learning, the organisation was the first ATO (approved training organisation) to resume training by providing their students with a flexible online solution. The arrival of Vector represents an exciting chapter in the ongoing growth of the student-centred flight training provider.

Vector, however, is more than just self-study, Leading Edge Aviation’s team of experienced instructors & e-learning specialists have developed a course that supports a student’s individual learning needs and their final goals.  By focussing on the nine core pilot competencies, they have developed a course that uses blended learning, pulling complimentary subjects together to offer a three module course structure – this blended approach is perfectly placed to support a student’s learning by delivering the content in bite-sized and logical units.

The course is supported by a dedicated Distance Learning Manager (DLM), in addition to support from their experienced Theoretical Knowledge Instructor team, students will also have access to a dedicated MS Teams group – offering them the opportunity to communicate with other students.

Combining technology with innovation, Vector is accessed via the Leading Edge Aviation VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) and features Pad Pilot eBooks, bespoke question banks and supporting materials, progress tests and subject qualifying exams. The introduction of Gamification enables students to monitor their own progress, all the time supported by the DLM. Consolidation study weeks form part of the course and can be attended in academy or virtually, again focussing on the requirements of the student.

Source: Leading Edge Aviation Press Release

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