US Airline Pilot Training Program Announces New Partner Spotlight Series for December – US Aviation

19th Dec 2022

United Airline’s Aviate announces a new partner spotlight series where they highlight the program’s valued Aviate partners and showcase exciting updates, important milestones and a glimpse into what is on the horizon. Aviate’s partner spotlight this month of December is US Aviation Academy (US Aviation). As an Aviate flight school partner, former and current students and instructors at US Aviation can apply to the Aviate program and upon acceptance, receive a conditional job offer from United.

About US Aviation

US Aviation has grown from a handful of aircraft in 2006 to one of the largest Part 141 flight academies in the country, with over 120 aircraft at five locations. This growth is a product of professionalism, a commitment to safety, and excellence in training – core values that have made US Aviation one of the top flight schools for accelerated flight training and collegiate programs alike. While amongst industry leaders in producing top-quality professional pilot candidates, they also take pride in making sure their students’ love for aviation continuously grows.

The Latest from US Aviation

  • In the last 12 months, US Aviation has grown from 300 students annually to over 500. Due to this growth, US Aviation plans to open at least two additional locations by the end of 2023. It is their mission to make both flight and A&P training more accessible geographically and financially for everyone.
  • In early December, US Aviation acquired their 60th Cessna 172 and ordered six additional new Piper Seminoles to keep up with their growth.
  • US Aviation has become a nationally recognized name in helping veterans maximize their GI Bill benefits for both flight and A&P with over 150 veteran students annually. It is their goal to make sure veterans complete their training with as little out-of-pocket expense as possible.
  • The importance of maintaining an income while training is recognized at US Aviation and they do their best to work with students’ schedules. There are currently more than five United flight attendants training at their school while maintaining their roles with United.
  • Due to the growing demand for skilled military helicopter pilots, US Aviation has created a Rotor Transition Program (RTP) to help pilots convert their certificates in an expedited fashion.

Source: United Airlines Aviate
Photo Credit: US Aviation Group

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