US Flight School Announces Tuition Financing Option Based on Merit

12th Jun 2022

US based AeroGuard Flight Training Center, a flight school on a mission to expand access to careers in commercial aviation space with four campus hubs across the United States, announced a tuition partnership that is helping close the aviation skills gap by making flight training more affordable and accessible for aspiring pilots. In collaboration with Meritize, a pioneer in financing solutions for skills-based education and training, pilots-in-training can qualify for merit-based financing, which can in many cases reward individual borrowers for their past academic and military experiences.

“As many as half of learners who want to become pilots aren’t able to access these careers–solely because of the cost. If you have the skills, passion, and drive, you should have the opportunity to be a pilot,” said Joel Davidson, CEO of AeroGuard. “This innovative financing option helps make pilot training more affordable and put aviation careers within reach for more candidates from a variety of personal and professional backgrounds.”

The commercial aviation industry is facing a growing pilot shortage. More than 7,200 of the 15,000 American commercial airline pilots are set to turn 65 over the next decade. As airline demand rebounds from the record lows of the pandemic, transportation industry analysts forecast a global shortfall of at least 34,000 commercial pilots by 2025. Meanwhile, demand for commercial airline pilots is expected to increase 13 percent from 2020 to 2030, much faster than the average growth rate for all occupations. The median annual wage for airline pilots, copilots, and flight engineers was $202,180 in May 2021.

AeroGuard helps to ensure job placement through strategic partnerships with regional airline SkyWest and its network of major airline agreements, which provide a clear path from flight training to careers at four top commercial airlines. After completing required flight training hours, AeroGuard students are guaranteed a First Officer Final Interview with SkyWest, where they receive tuition reimbursement of up to $17,500 for their training after completing SkyWest’s Initial Operating Experience. Through SkyWest’s Guaranteed Pilot Interview program, students then receive interviews with SkyWest commercial airline partners, including Alaska, Delta, Southwest and United Airlines.

In addition to merit-based financing, AeroGuard’s lower tuition and shorter timeframe for completing required flight hours helps students more easily access training for careers in commercial aviation. Other aviation training programs can range anywhere from $60,000 to $125,000 or more and take 2-4 years to complete, making these in-demand careers inaccessible to career changers and individuals from under-resourced backgrounds. AeroGuard students typically finance their tuition through loans, although other options can exist including scholarship options, G.I. Bill benefits, or federal education and training funds through select degree programs.

The financing option offered on the Meritize platform aims to create a more inclusive and affordable pathway to careers in the commercial aviation industry. Unlike traditional lenders that rely solely on FICO scores and other financial records to determine whether to lend to an individual, Meritize considers the full breadth and depth of an individual’s academic or military achievements to enhance credit evaluation and potentially improve loan options. Because many of AeroGuard’s trainees are veterans, and Meritize specifically takes into account military experiences in its funding decisions, merit-based financing can provide a significant source of financial and credit assistance for veterans transitioning into civilian careers.

“To unlock pathways to in-demand careers like aviation, we need to fix the broken economics of paying for education and training in this country,” said Chris Keaveney, CEO of Meritize. “By breaking down barriers to financial access and inclusion needed to train for roles in aviation, employers and training providers can open up opportunities for career advancement and long-term social and economic mobility–and address the ongoing pilot shortage.”

AeroGuard, a four-time recipient of the FAA Diamond Award of Excellence, is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, with campus locations in Chandler, Ariz., Austin, Tex., and Ft. Myers, Fla.

About AeroGuard Flight Training Center
AeroGuard Flight Training Center is one of the country’s most successful flight schools, offering accelerated commercial pilot training to candidates from all over the world. With a commitment to safety and student success, AeroGuard has a proven track record of training airline-ready pilots, with over 1 million flight hours of training experience and graduating over 7,000 cadets.

About Meritize
Meritize is a leading provider of funding solutions for skills-based education and workforce development. The company’s proprietary merit-based lending program goes beyond traditional underwriting and uses an individual’s academic or military achievements to enhance credit evaluation and expand funding opportunities, resulting in increased access to educational funding and improved outcomes. Frisco, Texas-based Meritize is privately held.

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