US Major Airline to Reconsider Unsuccessful Pilot Applications After 3 Months Instead of 6

Delta Air Lines through its Pilot Recruiting page announced it now reconsiders unsuccessful pilot applications either through online assessment or interview after 3 months instead of 6.

Announcement is written as follows:

Effective Tuesday, May 24, 2022, if you were not successful with either the Online Assessment or Interview (dating back to August 2021), your application will now be able to be re-considered 3 months (previously 6) after completing your assessment or interview. To be reconsidered, you only need to keep your application up to date.

Your application will be considered along with all new applicants awaiting review, so be patient with our team if you do not get an invite immediately. If you are still competitive, you will receive an invitation to test or interview once again*.

*Note, if you were successful in the Online Assessment portion the first time but not the Interview you will not need to take the Online Assessment again.

Source: Delta Air Lines Pilot Recruiting

For more information, kindly contact Delta Air Lines.

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