US Regional Airport Director Shares Insights on Pilot Shortage

30th May 2022

Wyoming, United States based Yellowstone Regional Airport Director, Aaron Buck, shared some insights on pilot shortage. Buck reports that the number of flights out of Cody, Wyoming continues to reduce. Speaking about the reduction of flights, Buck said “A lot of it has to do with pilot shortage due to several different factors.”

“A lot of pilots came from the military and are getting to the age of sixty-five, which, they’re forced to retire – an FAA mandate. And so, pilots are forced to retire, and pilots chose to retire because of COVID with early incentives to go out because the airlines were trying to get reduced costs,” he explains.

On the other hand, Buck said that the airport is expanding as it readies for growth in Cody. “We are developing our GA (general aviation) areas so that people can build a hanger here…we have a lot of people moving here to Cody who are bringing their aircraft with them,” said Buck.

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