VR Flight Training Solutions Provider, True Course Simulations, and Pilot Institute Join Forces

09th May 2023

Arizona, United States based, True Course Simulations and Pilot Institute join forces to create a cutting-edge approach to flight instruction.

True Course Simulations and Pilot Institute have announced an exciting new partnership that will revolutionize the way pilots are trained. TCS is a leader in virtual reality flight simulation technology. At the same time, PI is an industry leader in video flight training, providing hundreds of hours of virtual instruction through its online platform.

The partnership between True Course and Pilot Institute will combine their respective strengths to create a comprehensive and immersive flight instruction and training experience. True Course will provide state-of-the-art virtual reality flight simulators that offer pilots real-world flight practice that will pair with Pilot Institute’s world-class video instruction. Together, TCS and PI will offer the most comprehensive possible flight instruction and training available today.

“Joining forces with Pilot Institute is an exciting development for us at True Course Simulations,” said True Course’s Vice President Brett Watts. “We believe that our virtual reality flight simulators, combined with Pilot Institute’s video instruction, will create a truly immersive and effective way to train the next generation of pilots.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with True Course Simulations and bring their cutting-edge VR technology into our flight training curriculum,” said Pilot Institute’s Co-Founder Greg Reverdiau. “We believe that this partnership will enhance the learning experience for our students and provide them with an unparalleled level of training.”

The True Course Simulations and Pilot Institute partnership will provide pilots with a unique opportunity to learn and practice their skills in a virtual environment. True Course’s virtual reality flight simulators will allow pilots to experience a range of scenarios and conditions, from basic flight maneuvers to complex emergency situations. Pilot Institute’s video instruction will provide pilots with a deep understanding of the principles of flight and the techniques needed to fly safely and confidently.

Together, True Course and Pilot Institute are committed to providing pilots with the most comprehensive flight instruction possible, using the latest technology and instructional methods. This partnership will redefine the future of flight training, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Source: True Course Simulations Press Release
Photo Credit: True Course Simulations

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