Advanced Aviation Training goes live as the 12th FlightLogger partner in Germany

29th May 2022

Two years ago, a new pilot school was founded with the goal of providing general aviation training using all the good deeds from professional aviation. The founder of the new school has spent the time during the Corona crisis well by building a splendid setup – and today, FlightLogger is thrilled to announce Advanced Aviation Training as its 12th partner in Germany.

About Advanced Aviation Training
Located in Bonn in the Rhineland area of Germany, Advanced Aviation Training is a young training organization built on the philosophy that general aviation training is best done using the principles from professional aviation.

The training center was founded by Stefan Marqua who himself has a background from Lufthansa’s commercial pilot school in Bremen. With a long commercial career behind him flying Airbus A340 and A330, Boeing 747-200, and MD11F, Stefan’s heart actually belongs to general aviation. The Corona crisis proved the perfect timing to connect those two worlds by establishing Advanced Aviation Training in 2020.

Chose FlightLogger for superior product support and innovation
During the summer of that year, Stefan Marqua was in the process of setting up what would later become Advanced Aviation Training. He already knew FlightLogger to some degree from his job as a flight instructor and examiner, and he was considering to use the platform from the very beginning.

“While developing my business plan, I knew we needed a system to manage the operations, but I was initially looking for something very basic to keep costs to an absolute minimum. However, it didn’t take me and my team very long to figure out that even as a small organization you need a professional system with good support and development”, says Stefan Marqua.

Around new year this winter, Stefan took the decision to contact FlightLogger again in order to get started with the platform. He has been looking forward to completing the onboarding process which included implementation of all their training programs. “The level of innovation and support offered by FlightLogger is what we want in a training management system. Even better, we know that we are able to scale our business with FlightLogger’s platform”, Stefan explains.

Source – FlightLogger Press Release

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