Canadian Flight School Takes Off as the 150th FlightLogger Partner

27th Jun 2022

When Canadian Mitchinson Flight Centre this week went live on their new FlightLogger platform, it marked yet another milestone for the pilot training management SaaS provider based in Denmark. The total number of flight training organizations now relying on FlightLogger to digitally manage their flight training operations thereby reached 150, which is somewhat of a jubilee.

About Mitchinson Flight Centre

Mitchinson Flight Centre (Mitchinson) holds a long and proud history in the Canadian pilot training industry. The company was originally established as Mitchinson Flying School in 1946 by Harold (Mitch) Mitchinson, who had served as a RAF instructor pilot during World War II, and who was in 1989 inducted into the Saskatchewan Aviation Hall of Fame.

Mitchinson was later acquired by Janet Keim, who successfully drove and operated it from 1979 to 2013, when it was bought by four of Mitchinson’s own alumni, who renamed it to Mitchinson Flight Centre. Today, the training centre has the largest staff of flight instructors in Saskatchewan plus 14 aircraft and a full motion flight simulator. Mitchinson is regarded as an industry leader in Canada, not least when it comes to pilot training knowledge and experience.

Perfect timing to be involved in specification of FlightLogger’s new dispatch workflow

When Chief Flight Instructor Braeden Wiens first started looking at FlightLogger, it was based on recommendations from another pilot school. “We were already using another booking system, but it was quite outdated and we needed a system that integrated training records, flight and duty time tracking, maintenance management and other tasks”, Braeden Wiens explains. “FlightLogger gave us a great online demo, and when they shared that they were in the process of building a dispatch workflow together with a couple of Canadian flight schools, we became even more interested.”

Being a Canadian training centre, Mitchinson had the same requirements for an integrated dispatch workflow, so it was only natural that after the initial talks Braeden and his team were invited to join the specification of FlightLogger’s upcoming dispatch workflow. Soon after, FlightLogger was ready to launch the new dispatch functionality.

Braeden Wiens had spent some of the meantime talking to other flight training organizations about FlightLogger. After collecting only positive reviews, Braeden was happy to receive a final go from Mitchinson’s owners. Now, Mitchinson has completed FlightLogger’s onboarding process which officially makes them the 150th Certified FlightLogger partner.

At the same time, Mitchinson becomes the 5th FlightLogger partner in Canada. FlightLogger is thrilled to welcome all students, instructors, crew, and staff at Mitchinson Flight Centre.

Source: FlightLogger Press Release

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