Global Flight Training Group, AeroGuard Flight Training Center, Selected by US University as Flight Training Partner

13th Dec 2022

Global flight training group AeroGuard is thrilled to announce that AeroGuard Flight Training Center has been selected by Arizona State University to provide flight training services to ASU students enrolled in the B.S. in Aeronautical Management Technology (Professional Flight) degree program. Within this agreement, AeroGuard will train future commercial airline pilots with zero prior flight experience to earn their Commercial Pilot License and beyond, providing them with the knowledge, skills, and a clear path to the in-demand career of becoming a professional commercial airline pilot.

AeroGuard Flight Training Center is an Arizona-based company with over 20 years of experience training over 7,000 professional airline pilots from across the world. AeroGuard is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, at the Deer Valley Airport, with a second location in the Phoenix area at Chandler Municipal Airport, with additional locations in Texas and Florida. Both Arizona training campuses will be available for ASU students to train from as part of this agreement.

AeroGuard provides flight training to student pilots looking for careers with commercial airlines through a specially designed FAA-approved curriculum, supporting training environment, processes and procedures that prepare students for life as a professional aviator. AeroGuard’s proprietary training structure is beneficial for quickly and effectively graduating student pilots at a crucial time for an aviation industry facing a challenging pilot shortage.

Boeing has forecasted that over 600,000 new pilots are necessary over the next 20 years to keep the commercial airlines operating at capacity. This growth is driven by both an increase in air travel, expected to more than double in that time, as well as an FAA-mandated retirement age of 65 requiring a majority of current airline pilots to leave the industry in the next few years. A huge demand for well-trained pilots has led to pay increases in excess of 90%, along with signing bonuses and other attractive benefits.

“AeroGuard is incredibly excited to announce our new partnership with Arizona State University! We have a long history of training future airline pilots and equipping them with the skills they need to have long, successful careers in the commercial airline industry. Through this partnership with ASU, we are excited to bring our same high-quality, safety-focused training to more students who are pursuing training alongside a university degree,” said Joel Davidson, CEO of AeroGuard.

Gregory Files, program lead for the B.S. in Aeronautical Management Technology (Professional Flight) degree program and assistant teaching professor within ASU’s aviation programs, said, “We are excited to select and partner with AeroGuard Flight Training Center as we continue to grow our Professional Flight Program. AeroGuard is globally recognized for their training quality and is one of the largest flight schools in the U.S. Because AeroGuard is based in Arizona, ASU finds AeroGuard uniquely qualified as experts in the local region and airspace. AeroGuard brings a high quality of training to our program that we hope will benefit students for years to come as they transition to their future careers in aviation.”

The ASU B.S. in Aeronautical Management Technology (Professional Flight) has over 250 enrolled students completing their practical pilot training and supporting coursework at ASU’s Polytechnic campus in Mesa, Arizona. This degree allows students to complete their Private, Instrument and Commercial Single and Multi-Engine Ratings, as well as optional Flight Instructor Certificates. With approval from the FAA, graduates are qualified for the Restricted-ATP at 1,000 flight hours, helping them advance more quickly to their careers compared with other pilots requiring over 1,500 hours of experience.

AeroGuard will begin training ASU students immediately at their current Arizona campus locations, with more students starting in this upcoming Spring Semester. These students will train alongside AeroGuard’s current Pilot Pathway Program and International students completing accelerated flight training courses on a similar path to become professional pilots.

About AeroGuard Flight Training Center

AeroGuard Flight Training Center is one of the U.S.’s most successful flight schools, offering accelerated commercial pilot training to candidates from all over the world. With a commitment to safety and student success, AeroGuard has a proven history of training airline-ready pilots with over one million flight hours of training experience and graduating over 7,000 cadets.

Source: AeroGuard Flight Training Center Press Release
Photo Credit: AeroGuard Flight Training Center

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