MINT Software Systems Announces Latest Appointment for Senior Sales Manager

MINT Software Systems, a developer of a cloud-based digital training platform for records, qualification management, resource planning, grading, and data mining, has appointed Frank Vieira Hugger as Senior Sales Manager with a focus on the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) and Asia-Pacific (APAC) regions. 

Learn more about MINT Software Systems or Mr. Hugger by connecting with him through his LinkedIn profile here.

Source: Frank Vieira Hugger (MINT Software Systems)
Photo Credit: MINT Software Systems (shown as meta image)

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Leading Aviation Publisher and Pilot Training Courseware Creator, Padpilot, Announces New Head of Learning & Development

United Kingdom – Padpilot, a leading aviation publisher and pilot training courseware creator, is pleased to announce the appointment of Nathan Gray, former F35 test pilot and one the most decorated pilots in the British armed forces, as its new Head of Learning and Development.

This newly created role comes at a time of significant momentum for the UK-based company. More than 300,000 of its interactive textbooks have been sold and the company continues to grow its global network of training partners including 140 airlines, air forces, universities and training organisations worldwide now use Padpilot resources.

In the past year the company has launched a new ATPL(H) theory course for commercial heli- copter pilots and a new ‘eReader’ content platform allowing its best-selling interactive ebooks to be downloaded to any device: Android, Apple and browsers – a move away from it’s previous Apple-only iBook format. And there are more innovations in pilot training coming in 2024.

Nathan Gray is an experienced high-risk test pilot, fighter pilot and fast jet flight instructor. He flew with the Fleet Air Arm for over two decades and flew multiple aircraft including the Harrier, F-15, F-16, F-18, and F-35. Completing over 140 combat missions, he also qualified as a com- mando green beret, paratrooper and forward air controller.

Gray was recruited to the ground-breaking F-35 stealth jet development program and conducted the first ever F-35 launch and recovery on HMS Queen Elizabeth in front of an audience of VIPs and the world’s media in 2018. He is also a published author and STEM ambassador.

In 2002, as a trainee Harrier pilot, Gray walked away from an ‘unsurvivable’ accident, caused by a tiny piece of FOD (foreign object debris) during which his instructor, Lt Cdr London, was killed. Gray vowed he’d leave the military before reaching the same age that London was at the time of the accident. He retired as a Commander in 2019 and his post military career is defined by a desire to give back to the industry.

Gray said: “I’m excited to join this agile, passionate team developing cutting-edge, next genera- tion learning for the civil aviation industry. As pilots we’re always learning: new types, new roles, new operations. So it’s vital to get the foundational knowledge in place properly at the very be- ginning of pilot training.

“It’s important to build skills and knowledge efficiently with the long term in mind so I’m looking forward to helping to create learning experiences for the next generation of pilots that are efficient, effective, immersive, and enjoyable.”

Graham Cownie, Padpilot CEO said: “I’m delighted to welcome Nathan to Padpilot. His unique blend of skills, ranging from basic flight instructor, through captaincy on a civil airliner and then to F35 test pilot, brings perspectives on aviation that were previously beyond our grasp.

As a STEM ambassador, Nathan’s young, fresh and dynamic perspective on learning is already reaping huge dividends as we plot our new approach to educating the next generation of pilots. Nathan is ideally equipped to take Padpilot to the next level. We look forward to amazing our clients in the near future with new and exciting developments.”

About Padpilot

Padpilot creates innovative resources for the theoretical knowledge phase of pilot training. 

In 2011 Padpilot published the first ever ATPL theory books for iPad, the first books for the new EASA 2020 ATPL(A) syllabus in 2020 and the first EASA 2020 ATPL(H) books written solely for helicopter pilots in July 2022. 

In March 2023 they launched their multi-device eReader content platform, making their best-selling theo- ry ebooks available on all devices and bringing interactive theoretical knowledge resources to a wider audience.

Padpilot materials are used by 140+ airlines, air forces, universities and training organisations all over the world. They’re proud to provide teaching and learning resources to some of the largest pilot training organisations globally.

Padpilot’s ebooks have been downloaded more than 300,000 times. Advanced e-learning technology brings aviation theory to life: students can highlight, search and make note cards within the books to aid study, and embedded 3D models and animations transform reading into an immersive experience which promotes understanding and memory retention.

Padpilot’s team of subject matter expert authors follow the syllabi Learning Objectives but add opera- tional information and case studies to put theory content into context, giving student pilots a more round- ed theoretical knowledge education. In-depth analysis and consultation with airlines is undertaken regu- larly to identify and update core knowledge and skills requirements.

Discover the leading theoretical knowledge solutions for pilot training at

Source: Padpilot
Photo Credit: Padpilot

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Turkish Flight Training Organization, AYJET Flight School, Holds its 113th Term Graduation Ceremony

AYJET Flight School held its 113th term graduation ceremony at Hezarfen Airport, Turkey with the graduated pilots and their families.

Sixteen (16) young pilot candidates who started their flight training at AYJET Flight School with the goal of becoming a pilot on airlines have experienced the well-deserved pride of successfully completing an intensive and grueling training.

At the ceremony, AYJET School Principal Naci UÇAR and 113th Term’s winner Hakan ŞEN made a speech.

To date, 1,612 of the 1,743 graduated pilots trained by AYJET Flight School have taken their places in the cockpit and started flying on airlines.

What is more meaningful than numerical success is that AYJET graduate pilots receive appreciation and appreciation for the performance they have shown on the airlines they fly.

The AYJET family continues to grow with the newly graduated pilots and to contribute to the rapidly growing Turkish Civil Aviation with the pilots it has trained.

The ceremony was completed with the issuance of diplomas to the graduated pilots, the fitting of their certificates, the presentation of the gift to the winners at the beginning of the semester and the catering given at Hezarfen Airport after the photo shoot.

Source: AYJET Flight School
Photo Credit: AYJET Flight School

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Avia Solutions Group, Parent Company of BAA Training, Reports Q3 EBITDA of Euro 316 Million and Revenue Euro 1.64 Billion

Avia Solutions Group, the world’s largest ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance) provider, is announcing its financial results for the third quarter of this year. The company’s adjusted EBITDA is €316 million, representing a 31% growth compared to the same period last year when it €242 million. Furthermore, the group’s revenue increased by 22% to reach €1.64 billion, compared to €1.34 billion for the same period in the previous year.

According to Jonas Janukenas, CEO of Avia Solutions Group, financial results of Q3 is a direct reflection of the substantial demand for ACMI services in the global aviation market: “The year 2023, especially the extremely active summer season, demonstrated the tremendous need for ACMI services in the aviation industry worldwide.”

During the third quarter of this year, the group continued its active expansion of the aircraft fleet, adding 24 new ones since the beginning of the year. The fleet now consists of 197 passenger and cargo aircraft. Janukenas underlines that Avia Solutions Group plans to maintain its leading position in the ACMI market and has future expansion plans in the Asia-Pacific region. The establishment of the new companies BBN Airlines Thailand and BBN Airlines Indonesia marks a new phase of development in the region. By the end of 2024, the group aims to own five airline companies operating in various Asian countries.

CEO of Avia Solutions Group says: “Expanding in Southeast Asia and South America is a key strategic direction for the group, allowing us to balance the reduced seasonal demand in Europe during the winter by shifting aircraft to these regions. Additionally, significant investments are being made in MRO infrastructure for the group’s aviation companies providing ACMI services. The total investment in the initial development phase in the region amounts to €25 million.”

Recently, Avia Solutions Group has begun the construction of a 20,000 sq. m aircraft maintenance hangar in the Dominican Republic and a 17,000 sq. m aircraft maintenance hangar in Bali. The group’s subsidiary, Avion Express has established ACMI airline in Brazil to serve the needs of clients in Colombia, Chile, Brazil, and the Dominican Republic.

In the Q3, the main revenue-generating regions for Avia Solutions Group were Europe (69.4%), Asia (19.2%), North and South America (5.8%), Africa (3.9%), and Australia and the Pacific (1.1%). The most significant change, compared to 2022, is observed in Asia, where the group’s annual revenue increased by 9.2%.

Irish-based Avia Solutions Group is the parent company of over 100 subsidiaries. Supported by 11,700 highly skilled aviation professionals, the group operates in 68 countries worldwide.

Source: Avia Solutions Group
Photo Credit: Avia Solutions Group

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