Training Aircraft Manufacturer Cirrus Aircraft Appoints Director International Sales Development

United States headquartered aircraft manufacturer Cirrus Aircraft, which manufacturers the popular SR22 and TRAC20 aircraft used by numerous pilot training organisations such as Emirates Flight Training Academy, United Aviate Academy, European Flight Academy and many more, has appointed Edo Santema as Director International Sales Development. To learn more about Cirrus Aircraft or connect with Mr Santema – visit his LinkedIn profile.

Source: Edo Santema (Cirrus Aircraft)
Photo Credit: Cirrus Aircraft

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Latitude Aviation English Services Chosen by Central Asian Airline to Deliver Advanced Training Course in 2024

Aviation english language training and assessment provider Latitude Aviation English Services (Latitude) has announced that it has been chosen by Uzbekistan Airways to deliver advanced training for the airline’s language teaching and testing team. A bespoke 70-hour course will be delivered in summer 2024 as a blend of e-learning and instructor-led training in partnership with Norwich Institute for Language Education in the UK.

We’re very much looking forward to taking a deep dive into aviation language teaching pedagogy and instructional and test task design, all in the context of radiotelephony communication in accordance with the ICAO LPRs,” said Latitude.

Source: Latitude Aviation English Services
Photo Credit: Latitude Aviation English Services

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Global Pilot Training Solution Provider L3Harris Commercial Aviation Visits Central Asia Airline Customer

David Moden, Sales Director at L3Harris Commercial Aviation, visited the simulator training facilities of one of their airline customers, Air Astana. Air Astana’s A320 EASA certified Reality Seven Full Flight Simulator installed at its flight training centre was installed in September 2023 – being the first one to enter service with Air Astana and the first ever installation in Kazakhstan. The airline’s new Flight Training Center (Simulator Training Center) at Astana Airport was opened in July 2023 and supports the operations of Air Astana and FlyArystan’s Airbus A320 fleet.

It is always a pleasure to visit our airline customers’ simulator training facilities and meet the incredible teams that keep these sophisticated devices operational. Thank you for your warm welcome to Astana and, continued congratulations Air Astana on a world class A320 flight training organization.” shared David Moden.

Source: David Moden (L3Harris Commercial Aviation)
Photo Credit: David Moden

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Flight Training Management Software Provider, FlightLogger, Utilised by Over 100,000

FlightLogger, a leader in flight training management software, is thrilled to announce a major milestone in its journey of empowering the aviation and pilot training community. Over the past thirteen years, FlightLogger has become the trusted choice for flight training organizations worldwide, welcoming over a hundred thousand users to its platform.

At the beginning of 2024 FlightLogger announced a series of significant milestones achieved in the year 2023, marking a year of substantial growth and innovation.

Global expansion and clientele success

In 2023, FlightLogger proudly surpassed its client acquisition goal, reaching 182 clients worldwide, exceeding the initial target of 180. This expansion has not only solidified their global presence but also diversified their client base across 45 countries on six continents.

Among those who have joined FlightLogger, the company is proud to highlight new collaborations with some of the most prestigious flight training organizations: Sevenair Academy and Airways Aviation in Europe, RMIT University in Australia – the second largest university in the country, and Utah State University in the United States. Together with the many other training organizations who joined FlightLogger in 2023, these partnerships underscore the company’s commitment to delivering top-tier SaaS solutions to the world’s leading aviation training providers.

Internal Team Expansion and Specialized Roles

2023 has been a transformative year for FlightLogger, characterized by strategic internal growth. A significant development was the addition of a Product Manager to their team, a critical step in enhancing the development of their SaaS product. Additionally, FlightLogger expanded their development and client success teams, a move crucial for supporting their growing client base and maintaining their excellence in service and support.

In response to their expanding client base, FlightLogger has increased their development and client success teams. This enhancement not only supports their growth trajectory but also ensures that FlightLogger maintains their high standards of client service and support. This commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in their Capterra reviews, where the company boast an average overall rating of 4.6 out of 5, with an exceptional 4.85 in customer service. This feedback underlines their dedication to providing exceptional service and a user-friendly experience.

Innovative integrations for enhanced operations

Last year, FlightLogger intensified their focus on integrations as a strategic component of their growth plan. FlightLogger successfully integrated with several key platforms to provide comprehensive and streamlined solutions to their clients:

  • Aeroplanned: For advanced long-term planning capabilities, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Wingops and SAM: These integrations offer robust aircraft maintenance management, ensuring safety and compliance.
  • Quickbooks: Integration with Quickbooks facilitates streamlined and efficient billing processes, simplifying financial management for their clients.

These integrations represent FlightLogger’s commitment to providing a holistic and efficient operational experience for flight training organizations.

Impressive usage statistics

The effectiveness and reach of FlightLogger are underscored by their impressive usage statistics. Currently, FlightLogger proudly serves 93,000 users globally.

In 2023, a remarkable 819,000 flights were logged, and 1,100,000 bookings were made through their platform, marking a 27% increase from the previous year. These numbers are a testament to the trust and reliance placed in FlightLogger’s software by the flight training community.

Source: FlightLogger
Photo Credit: FlightLogger

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Training Aircraft Manufacturer Tecnam P-Mentor Achieves United States of America FAA Certificate

Capua, Italy – Training aircraft manufacturer Tecnam announced today that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has awarded full Type Certificate to the P-MENTOR with the number A00067IB for Part 23 of the FAA Regulations.

Tecnam is now on track to begin deliveries to flight schools across the United States, starting with the first (20) to HCH Aviation in partnership with Stephen F. Austin State University in Austin, Texas, followed by Kilo Charlie Aviation in New Century, Kansas and EpicSky Flight Academy in Des Moines, Iowa.

About the P-Mentor
The P-Mentor is a two-seat aircraft, powered by the Rotax 912isC3, featuring the Garmin G3X IFR touch screen suite with PBN/RNAV/AFCS capabilities, compliant with the latest CS-23 EASA & FAA amendments. The Mentor is a turnkey solution for many flight schools to train students from their first flight up to their CPL-IR on a single platform. With a variable pitch propeller, a simulated retractable landing gear and an optional ballistic parachute, the P-Mentor has everything flight schools are looking for in today’s market. The P-Mentor is designed to offer the best human-machine interface, resulting in the most effective and efficient VFR/IFR training. The generous fuel capacity will allow flight schools to fly all day without refueling, which improves operational value. The P-Mentor’s fuel consumption is just 3.70 US Gal/h (14 lt/h) contributing to a very low cost of operations averaging $65 per hour.

The P-Mentor allows complete PPL, IR and UPRT training, with approved PBN/RNAV as well as AFCS: the entire training syllabus with unprecedented fuel consumption and emissions, further enhancing the renowned profitability of Tecnam-made fleet.

The entry into service of the P-MENTOR two-seater IFR training aircraft has been eagerly awaited by a large number of flight schools who have been demanding a replacement for the many hundreds of “legacy” FAR23/CS23 IFR training aircraft currently in service around the world. This aircraft will open up many profitable opportunities within the flight training market and revolutionize the training paradigm.

With the P-Mentor, Tecnam is once again confirming its leadership in flight training while innovating the market and raising the standards. This important certification milestone will create and secure new and significant revenue streams for Tecnam, built on a foundation of over 75 years of aircraft manufacturing.

To date, more than a hundred P-Mentors have been delivered in (18) countries around the world, proving that this platform fits different business plans in different weather environments. Flight schools are changing the composition of their fleet, using the P-Mentor for initial and IFR training and the P2006T for multi-engine training.

Tecnam’s Managing Director, Giovanni Pascale Langer says: “The FAA certification of the P-MENTOR is another significant milestone for the Tecnam team. We look forward to working with all US flight schools to improve the quality of training and help them keep hourly rates low.

The Tecnam fleet is perfect for the today modern school as their aircraft offer the best efficiency, performance and value while meeting the latest certification standards with a unique feature as ‘the greenest fleet on the market. Efficiency that also means very low CO2 emissions. Recent study shows that flight schools operating with TECNAM single and twin-engine fleet can reduce emissions by up to 60%: 10 tons of CO2 for each student by the time they receive their Commercial Pilot License.

About TECNAM; “Quality Aircraft since 1948”
Tecnam is an Italian aircraft manufacturer and one of the world’s leading piston aircraft manufacturers. Founded in 1948 by brothers Luigi and Giovanni Pascale, the company is headquartered in Capua, Italy, and operates two subsidiaries in Sebring, Florida, USA, and Brisbane, Australia, to serve and support the needs of local Tecnam owners and operators. Tecnam designs and manufactures a wide range of aircraft for personal use, commercial operations, business travel, flight training, surveillance, law enforcement and other specialised applications.

Source: Tecnam

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Hinfact Signs Agreement with Airbus to Offer Competency Based Training Assessment/Evidence Based Training Solutions

Aircraft manufacturer Airbus signed an agreement with Hinfact, a startup founded in 2018 specializing in creating and developing software solutions to enhance flight safety through two main focuses i.e. pilot training and in-flight operations, to offer airlines a complete Competency Based Training Assessment / Evidence-Based Training (CBTA/EBT) solution.

With Airbus-specific data and configuration integrated into the Hinfact software, it ushers in a new era in data analytics for flight training,” said Vincent Rougès, Program Manager – Flight Operations & Training at Airbus.

Airbus is using Hinfact Training for its internal Instructor training and plans to extend the integration of this software to the entire CBTA training curriculum.

Within the last few months, our solution Hinfact Training has been implemented in the main Airbus Training Centers around the globe,” said Thomas Bessiere, Co-founder & CEO at Hinfact. “As of today, we are taking the next step in our collaboration. We signed a major agreement that will allow us to also benefit from Airbus Training’s expertise in our industry. This agreement is a huge step forward and the conclusion of interesting and enriching discussions with the Airbus team.“.

We believe at Hinfact that this cooperation will help the expansion of Evidence Based Training (EBT) in aviation training and help more and more airlines have a smooth transition towards it,” added Bessiere.

Source: Airbus and Hinfact
Photo Credit: Airbus and Hinfact

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Training Aircraft Manufacturer, Diamond Aircraft, Releases Teaser for its Upcoming Feature “A Flight School’s Secret Pathway to Success”

Diamond Aircraft, a manufacturer of training aircraft headquartered in Austria, released the teaser for its upcoming feature “A Flight School’s Secret Pathway to Success”.

“In our upcoming feature “A Flight School’s Secret Pathway to Success”, we’ll be taking you on around the world to hear from some of the most esteemed pilot academies, airlines, militaries, and universities share what led them to Diamond Aircraft, what happened when they started using Diamonds, and where they are today as a result — each encountering their own unique challenges along the way.” stated Diamond Aircraft.

Hear from:

  • Lufthansa Aviation Training
  • FTA Flight Training Adelaide (for Qantas Group, IndiGo Airlines, & Cathay Pacific)
  • LIFT Academy & Republic Airways for American
  • Pilot Flight Academy Norway
  • airBaltic
  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • MTSU Middle Tennessee State University
  • CAE Initial Flight Training for US Air Force
  • Qatar Aeronautical Academy
  • Abyssinian Flight Services and Aviation Academy Ethiopia
  • Asia Aeronautical Training Academy Malaysia

Check out the teaser below.

Source: Diamond Aircraft
Photo Credit: Diamond Aircraft

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Training Aircraft Manufacturer Bye Aerospace Appoints Rod Zastrow as CEO

Denver, Colorado, April 30, 2024 – Bye Aerospace, a global leader in sustainable electric aviation, announced a strategic shift to the execution phase of its eFlyer program with an alignment to its leadership team. Rod Zastrow, currently serving as President and Chief Operating Officer (COO), has been promoted to CEO and President. The Company Founder, George Bye remains Chairman and continues with his innovation and technology support as Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

As CEO and President, Rod Zastrow continues to spearhead the final stages of FAA certification and commence production of the highly anticipated eFlyer 2, on track to be the world’s first FAA Part 23 certified electric airplane. With an impressive background as the former Chair and CEO of Spartan Global Aviation Training, Zastrow brings extensive expertise in pilot training, aircraft maintenance, logistics, and global business development. Zastrow’s accomplishments also include a distinguished career as a senior USAF leader, F-15 combat pilot, and Fighter Weapons School “Top Gun” graduate.

This transition reflects Bye Aerospace’s commitment to fostering innovation and maintaining its position at the forefront of aerospace technology. Under George Bye’s tenure, the company has achieved numerous milestones and solidified its reputation for groundbreaking advancements in the aviation industry. As he continues in the role of CTO, George Bye will focus on driving forward-looking technological initiatives and product integration strategies while spearheading the company’s research and development efforts.

We are thrilled to announce Rod Zastrow as our new CEO and President,” said George Bye. “His leadership skills, strategic vision, deep understanding of our industry, and enthusiasm bring fresh energy to Bye Aerospace’s critical execution phase of growth.

George Bye has been instrumental in guiding Bye Aerospace to its current position of prominence in the aerospace industry. His visionary leadership and relentless pursuit of innovation have been integral to our success.,” said Rod Zastrow. “Unity and continuity are the themes of this transition. Together with our talented team, we are commited to driving innovation, delivering exceptional results, and charting a course for sustainable growth. We look forward to building on our legacy of excellence and shaping the future of aerospace.

Bye Aerospace remains steadfast in its dedication to advancing the frontiers of electric aviation technology and looks forward to a bright future under its new leadership structure.

About Bye Aerospace
Bye Aerospace, headquartered in Denver, Colorado, stands at the forefront of electric Aviation innovation. The eFlyer series of fixed-wing aircraft is designed to disrupt general aviation, starting with the crucial Aviation Training sector, with an FAA-certified, zero-emission, highly cost-effective, low-drag, low-noise, intelligent, and safety-enhanced aircraft.

Source: Bye Aerospace

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Global Aircraft Manufacturer, Airbus, Delivered 142 Commercial Aircraft in Q1 2024

Airbus delivered 142 commercial aircraft in the first quarter of 2024, the aircraft manufacturer shared in its latest report.

We delivered first quarter 2024 results against the backdrop of an operating environment that shows no sign of improvement. Geopolitical and supply chain tensions continue. In that context, we delivered 142 commercial aircraft,” said Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury. “We started 2024 with a solid order intake across our businesses. The strong momentum on widebody aircraft underpins our decision to increase the production rate for the A350 to 12 aircraft a month in 2028. Our ramp up plans are continuing, supported by the investments in our production system while relying on our core pillars of safety, quality, integrity, compliance and security.

  • Gross commercial aircraft orders totaled 170 (Q1 2023: 156 aircraft) with the same number of net orders due to no cancellations (Q1 2023 net orders: 142 aircraft).
  • The order backlog amounted to 8,626 commercial aircraft at the end of March 2024.
  • Airbus Helicopters registered 63 net orders (Q1 2023: 39 units), mainly in the light and medium segments.
  • The A220 ramp-up continues towards a monthly production rate of 14 aircraft in 2026.
  • On the A320 Family programme, the Company is making progress towards the rate of 75 aircraft per month in 2026
  • Entry-into-service of the A321XLR continues to be expected in Q3 2024.
  • On widebody aircraft, the Company has decided to increase the production rate for the A350 to 12 aircraft a month in 2028 and continues to target rate 4 for the A330 in 2024.

Airbus targets to achieve around 800 commercial aircraft deliveries in 2024.

Source: Excerpts from Airbus Press Release
Photo Credit: Airbus (shown as meta image)

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Full Flight Simulator Manufacturer AXIS Flight Simulation Launches 3-in-1 Solution Device – AX-D Flex

AXIS Flight Simulation is unveiling its latest flight training solution, AX-D Flex, which is the first front-loading roll-on/roll-off solution, enabling pilots to train on multiple aircraft configurations within one mothership. AX-D Flex can be used for a variety of aircraft types, ranging from business jets to mid-size airliners.

Providing new levels of efficiency and cost-effectiveness to training providers, the mothership serves as the basic simulator structure, housing core motion and visual display components. The ‘swap unit’ comprises a cockpit module and spacer frame that includes computers and technical devices. Swap units can be seamlessly lifted and pulled out of the mothership using the unique front loading-system, allowing pilots to train in up to three different cockpits within a single device and enabling larger cockpits to be swapped with ease.

AX-D Flex accurately replicates cockpits by using OEM-quality simulated aircraft parts. With software-based avionics simulation and commercial off-the-shelf components, it provides exceptional reliability and low maintenance costs throughout its lifecycle. Designed to reduce downtime and maximise efficiency, AX-D Flex allows training providers to minimise costs and provide a greater degree of flexibility to pilots.

Christian Theuermann, member of the executive board, AXIS Flight Simulation, says: “Training providers are typically required to install specific simulators for different aircraft types. The launch of AX-D Flex will redefine the landscape of flight simulation, offering a cost-effective solution that allows pilots to train a variety of different aircraft types. With a smooth and efficient cockpit exchange, we’re setting a worldwide benchmark in training efficiency and flexibility.

Helmut Haslberger, director of hardware development and production management, AXIS Flight Simulation, says: “Our hardware team has extensive experience in designing components that exceed industry standards. Through our precision control and electrical systems, we’ve designed a seamless lifting mechanism to allow smooth transitions between cockpits. Cutting-edge and backed by safety sensors and interlocks, AXIS Flight Simulation is setting a new standard in flight simulation training.

To learn more about the AX-D Flex, visit AXIS Flight Simulation (booth #721) at the World Aviation Training Summit, which takes place 29 April-2 May at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort in Orlando, Florida.

About AXIS Flight Simulation
AXIS Flight Simulation is the leading global provider of advanced flight training solutions. With a comprehensive product range covering ATRs, business jets, small turboprop aircraft, as well as specialized aircraft for SAR and research and measurement purposes, AXIS Flight Simulation offers a wide range of training devices and full flight simulators. Its suite of products set a new worldwide benchmark in availability and efficiency, and offer the most realistic flight experience possible for its customers. Part of the larger AXIS Aviation group, AXIS Flight Simulation is headquartered in Austria and has offices in Canada and Hungary.

Source: AXIS Flight Simulation

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