Some US Flight Schools are seeing record enrollment numbers

23rd Sep 2021

Some US flight schools reported that demand for pilot training now has superseded the demand pre-pandemic.

In an article from Long Beach Business Journal on September 23, owner of Aces High Aviation, a flight school located in Long Beach Airport, said that its aircraft are all taking off 24 hours a day and has also declined some students interested to commence their pilot training with the school due to the fact that there are still a number of students in the waiting list. Likewise, Airman Flight Training reported the same trend.

The Regional Airline Association, basing on FAA data, said that nearly half of today’s qualified pilots will reach mandatory retirement age within 15 years, and about 13% will be required to retire within five years.

With the onset of pandemic, around 5000 pilots have already accepted early retirement offers which now adds up to the decreasing number of qualified pilots. Now, as borders start to open, and economies resume business, the demand has gone higher than before.

One of the strategies employed by airlines, to cope up with the demand, is providing financial incentives in the form of bonus packages of up to $150,000 to pilots.

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