Company Overview

Takeoff Trim LLC (TOT) is new, but our people pioneered aviation distance learning in 1994 and trained airline crews around the world for 22 years. Our experience is unmatched.

Takeoff Trim changes the game: We are the first distance learning company to provide advanced training methods, new technologies, and immersive experiences. Check us out!

Training Audience: We can provide immersive experiences for your different work groups. Flight Crew, Tech Ops, Cabin Crew, Baggage, or Ground Service.

Delivery: All Takeoff Trim content is cross-platform and can be delivered online to any device or downloaded to our APP for Tablets or Smartphones. (Android or IOS).

VR Ready: VR Ready plays on any device, but is also ready to play on VR headsets NOW! It’s your choice …computer, tablet, phone, or headset. We include VR training with eLearning to save you money!


  • Add instructor led training in the immersive scenes to customize the content.
  • Print the graphics to PDF or Paper for development of internal courses.
  • Create videos from within the VR scenes for custom course development.

Recommended use: Eliminate the cost/hassle of distributing Headsets to users.

  1. Users start VR Ready training on any device, at any location, then
  2. Users offered VR Headsets for further review upon arrival at the training center.

VR Ready Immersive training benefits:

  • Orientation: Work areas and Procedures are described and practiced before arrival at the training center.
  • Spatial awareness: Learners can scan their work environment and know where to focus attention.
  • Visual object recognition: Learners will recognize specific objects to inform their decisions.
  • Applied decision-making: Learners can know how to apply their knowledge in real world situations.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice with no costs for training devices.
  • Access your training environment at any time, with unlimited usage.

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Takeoff Trim courses are developed following FAA, EASA, ICAO, and DGAC guidelines, and meet IOSA standards.