US Pilot Training Group Opens Flight Training to All with Airline Academy Program and US$2.5 Million in Scholarship Funding

13th Jul 2022

Skyborne is now offering an Airline Academy Program for flight training applicants who wish to learn how to fly before committing to a defined career pathway. The flight school is also launching a Skyborne CFI Scholarship providing $2.5 million in training value to program graduates who wish to become flight instructors at Skyborne.

The new Airline Academy Program provides a 10-month course which trains applicants through their Private Pilot License (PPL), Instrument Rating, and Commercial Rating. Applicants can begin their training as soon as they are ready and may choose to add optional supplements, such as on-site accommodation, to their training package. After completing their PPL, trainees who wish to pursue a career with one of Skyborne’s airline partners must undergo the academy’s aptitude testing process designed specifically for airline pilots.

Skyborne is also providing up to $2.5 million in scholarships to the first 100 trainees who have completed the Airline Academy program and wish to become a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) at Skyborne. Those who apply for an instructor role at Skyborne and pass its CFI selection process will receive $25,000 in training sessions covering the cost of their CFI, Certified Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII) and Multi-Engine Instructor (MEI) ratings.

Lee Woodward, CEO, Skyborne, says: “We are thrilled to be able to open our training to a wider pool of applicants. The Airline Academy program welcomes more people to the skies while providing them with an opportunity to discover whether an airline career is the right path for them. This allows everyone to benefit from an inclusive early stage of training while still providing our airline partners with highly qualified pilots who are carefully selected later down the line.

Ed Davidson, Managing Director, Skyborne, says: “The Skyborne CFI Scholarship is an exciting prospect because it opens the door for Airline Academy trainees to continue their flying at a professional level with complete financial support across multiple instructor qualifications. We want to encourage as many as we can to pursue their dreams in aviation and in airline careers specifically, so having the opportunity to provide the resources for them to do it is extremely rewarding.

About Skyborne Airline Academy
Skyborne Airline Academy is a modern airline training academy based at Vero Beach, Florida, United States, and Gloucestershire Airport in the United Kingdom. Established by industry experts, Skyborne brings a fresh approach to airline pilot training. Founders Tom Misner (chairman), Lee Woodward (CEO) and Ian Cooper (COO) have unsurpassed experience in commercial aviation, education and training. It is their vision to create a training environment where the highest standard of teaching, safety and relevant airline-style training is maintained, and interactive learning is encouraged.  Using a combination of tried and tested methods and the latest technology to assess competence, suitability, aptitude and resilience, Skyborne aims to recruit the very best candidates to minimize additional training, reduce failure rates and provide airlines with better pilots and cabin crew. 

Source: Skyborne Press Release

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