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VRpilot leads the way in interactive procedure training with our procedure training platform VRflow. With 12,000+ installs worldwide, VRflow is a well-proven tool to greatly enhance procedure training in MCC courses and type rating training. Already in use with airlines, ATOs and air forces, VRflow is setting the new standard for procedure training. VRflow supports student self-training and improves knowledge retention, maximizing the value of the hours spent in the simulator.

Unlocking the power of VR with the features of VRflow
VRflow utilizes the power of virtual reality by putting the student in a 1:1 scale virtual cockpit, enabling muscle menory training. A revolution of the old fashioned paper tiger, VRflow uses advanced learning technologies and visual cues to increase the learning rate and improve knowledge retention.

A true cross-platform solution, VRflow is available for iPad and PC as well, providing instructors and students with a powerful on-the-go procedure reference tool.


  • Normal procedures training
  • Emergency procedures/memory items training
  • Highly efficient muscle memory training
  • Visual check verification
  • Cockpit familiarization module
  • Flow visualizations
  • Step-by-step explanations
  • Multi-crew remote training
  • Automatic crewmember for solo training
  • Training/exam mode
  • Portable solution
  • Eye tracking capable
  • Dynamic aircraft systems
  • Automatic aircraft maneuvering
  • Cross-platform support


  • Reduced instructor hours
  • Faster learning rate
  • Better simulator preparation
  • Greater training flexibility
  • Improved systems knowledge
  • Better knowledge retention
  • Reduced negative transfer

VRpilot offers complete cockpit layout and procedure customization to each customer. Any procedure change is implemented by VRpilot and all customer devices are updated remotely.

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Client Testimonials

”Implementing VRflow at the Royal Danish Air Force Flying School has provided the students great options for training both alone and together with other students. Even without having access to aircraft. The flexibility of these tools add a lot of value to the flying school and enables us to train and select our new aircrews in a more complex envirtonment.”

Major Henrik HEK Naesby, Training section at the Air Command, Royal Danish Air Force

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Interactive procedure training software.


Turn-key solutions for enhanced procedure training

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