Company Description

Visionary Training Resources (VTR) was founded by pilots with extensive safety and training backgrounds — with airlines, the military, and private aviation — who understand the importance of effective training in modern times. Creating simulator-ready pilots is what we do. 


VTR’s FlightDeckToGo® is a robust pilot training platform that leverages the power of virtual reality (VR) technology. VR is currently used in many applications and with the introduction of enterprise-level hardware, an immersive representation of the flight deck is one of the main benefits that this technology delivers. In turn, FlightDeckToGo® provides important advantages over traditional flight simulators including reduced training costs, cost savings on aircraft familiarization training, and better retention of information.


As a company founded by pilots, we absolutely recognize the thrill of flight. But we also understand that our primary goal as aviators is to transport people and products safely. That’s why we built VTR – to incorporate the highest levels of technology into the building blocks of flight procedures. When safety starts on the ground, it continues in the air.


Client Testimonials

“Learning all the flows and procedures at home, before going to the simulator, is a game changer! FlightDeckToGo® will undoubtedly make training on a new aircraft less stressful and frankly more enjoyable.” Captain Rob Pikowski, Boeing 787 APD/LCA

“FlightDeckToGo® has made the learning process so much easier. I was able to solidify (my skills) on my own time, in my own plane, in my hotel room.”  – Pilot Jordan Ruemenapp

Watch Jordan’s testimonial video:


Specializes in:

Virtual Reality procedural flow trainer designed for airlines, ATOs, and flight schools.


VTR’s proprietary FlightDeckToGo® is available in three product tiers: Base, Plus, Premium.

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