Company Description

Aeroplanned is an innovative product new to the market, that provides Flight Schools with a view of their 3-year plan. With a passion for Flight Training and decades of experience in the industry, the Aeroplanned team have created this software to improve the status quo for all involved. Aeroplanned helps to plan the most efficient use of aircraft and instructors and allows Flight Schools to maximise output and reduce costs to the benefit of all, from students to shareholders.

Some of the benefits of the Aeroplanned software:

  • Simply see problems and opportunities and act well in advance
  • Set sales targets to maximise your resource utilisation
  • Adjust your planned training to match your unique seasonal variations
  • Smooth out peaks and troughs of training and avoid adding unnecessary resource
  • Understand the resource requirements to finish your students on-time
  • Provide your students with continuous training at an optimum pace
  • Simply run scenarios to see the impact of changes, compare and implement the best solution
  • With transparent and accurate student end-dates book accommodation, travel, and visas with confidence


Client Testimonials

Ian Cooper, COO Skyborne
’It’s great to be working with the Aeroplanned team who have a wealth of operational experience which is reflected in the tool design and user experience. It’s evident that a lot of thought has gone into this, and we look forward to implementing Aeroplanned across our growing network’.

Kevin England, CEO Air Hawkes Bay
“Aeroplanned provided detailed information covering flight training outputs and resource requirements that enabled Air Hawkes Bay to develop forward-looking plans that underpin the future viability of the business.”

Specializes in:

The Aeroplanned software provides Flight Schools with a 3-year view of their planned hours, student numbers, delays, and resources required and available. The data is accurate, easily interpreted, and simple to adjust, with the impact of any changes displayed instantly in all other areas.

The Aeroplanned product supports decision makers to see future opportunities and issues, and to act early so as to save time and money.


Cloud-based platform created specifically for the Flight Training industry

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