Company Description

Netherlands headquartered MPS (Multi Pilot Simulations) designs and manufactures flight simulation training devices and ancillary training tools for the commercial pilot training industry. The company was founded in 2007 and has installed over 60 Airbus A-320 (ceo/neo) and Boeing B-737 (NG/MAX) simulators throughout the world.

Often all type type rating is done on costly full flight simulators but EASA and FAA currently allow for a multitude of training tasks to be done on a fixed based simulator. MPS Flight Simulators are designed and have the right quality for almost all forms of multi-pilot LOFT training.

MPS flight simulators are designed to provide the most optimal flight training experience. The design of the simulator and the instructor operation station (IOS) ensures both a user-friendly interface and ease of operation, allowing instructor and crew to get the most out of every training session.

By using MPS flight simulators operators lower the cost of acquisition as well as the cost of operation and can increase the amount of flight training for their pilots.

MPS prides itself on working directly with the customer to provide solutions to meet additional training needs, whether it is before or after purchase of the device.


Client Testimonials

“Selecting MPS as a training partner was a very straightforward decision. Any production-based business striving for quality and efficiency will invest in the most effective tooling capability and it is our view that the MPS FTD provides that perfect combination. It operates in a class of its own – far exceeding regulatory requirements and serving as a cost-effective alternative to full motion simulation. Approved as an EASA FTD-1 with full wrap-around collimated visual display and worldwide LIDO database, the device provides the perfect training platform for both trainee and instructor. We are very pleased to be partnering with MPS and look forward to introducing the device to our London-based training community.”
Frank Jukes, Managing Director Jet MASTERCLASS

Specializes in:

MPS develops, manufactures, installs and maintains type specific Fixed Base Simulators.


  • Airbus A320 FTD Level 2 / FTD Level 1 / FNPT II
  • Boeing B737NG FTD Level 2 / FTD Level 1 / FNPT II
  • Boeing B737MAX FTD Level 2 / FTD Level 1
  • Flight Management Systems (FMS) Trainer for A320 and B737
  • iPad FMS Trainer Application

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